During my time at Rockval Inc., we were approached by the GOB Network, a prominent organisation interested in partnering with us. Their goal was to offer the app to all their paying members, and to achieve this, they wanted to bolt the app onto their website as single sign on feature. Additionally, the GOB board emphasised the need to enable users to sign up for events, manage personal calendars, and promote their businesses through listings. Other items included a blog page and a newsletter page integrated into the website.

It was clear that a complete redesign was required to meet all these criteria and deliver a seamless user experience. To bring this vision to life, I decided to utilise Bubble.io, a powerful platform known for its database functionality. By leveraging the capabilities of this platform, we would be able to create a website that seamlessly integrated with the app, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

The first step in the design process was to carefully analyse the requirements and understand the goals of the GOB Network. This allowed me to create a detailed plan outlining the structure and layout of the website, ensuring that it met all the necessary criteria.

Next, I focused on the visual aspects of the redesign. I crafted a modern and visually appealing interface that would captivate users and enhance their overall experience on the website. The design prioritised user-friendly navigation and intuitive features, making it easy for users to sign up for events, manage their calendars, interact with other users, and promote their businesses effortlessly.

We were able to deliver designs that satisfied all of the GOB's needs and exceeded their expectations, and had began initial build of pages and database functionality. However, for reasons out of my control, the project was handed to another service provider. For these reasons there in unfortunately no live site available to share but I have included a few mockups as reference.

MOCKUP: gobnetwork.com/home

MOCKUP: gobnetwork.com/newsletter

MOCKUP: gobnetwork.com/events

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