Product Design

Rockval simplifies the underwriting process for Real Estate Brokers and Investors. Its user-friendly app offers property valuation, financial analysis, and market trends. By centralizing data and analysis, Rockval improves efficiency and accuracy in the commercial real estate sector. As Product Designer, my goal is to create a platform that is accessible to both individuals and corporates, making it easy for anyone to use.

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Product Design

This case study explores the transformation of Rockval from a web app to a mobile app. It covers the key steps, challenges, and solutions involved, including understanding the existing web app, defining goals for the mobile app, adopting a user-centric design approach, adapting the interface, streamlining navigation, iterative prototyping and user testing, and responsive development. The result is a sleek and intuitive mobile app that retains the core functionalities of the web app.

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UI/UX - Figma - CMS - Webflow - Marketing

I joined the Rockval team during its early development stages and witnessed remarkable progress in the subsequent two years. Recognizing the need for a more impactful online presence that resonated with our target markets, I seized the opportunity to undertake a complete rebranding, design, and development of our marketing website. Despite the tight deadline, I successfully accomplished this challenging task within a mere couple of weeks, resulting in an impressive transformation for the brand.

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UI/UX - CMS - Bubble.io

The GOB Network aims to democratize coaching, mentoring, and deal-making in commercial real estate. Through their training and sponsorship programs, successful professionals and companies can assist aspiring investors in mastering the art of researching, acquiring, and developing financially successful projects. As part of the project, I was responsible for revamping the marketing website and incorporating functionality that enables users to create profiles and collaborate with other organisations.

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Adobe Creative - Figma - Brand Design

As the sole designer at Rockval, I had the responsibility of developing graphic elements for the marketing team. Additionally, I played a key role in creating all the graphic content utilized in the recent marketing website and rebranding campaign.

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Adobe Creative - Customer Relations

In my role as a designer at Billfish Custom Gear, my main responsibility is to design unique logos and artwork specifically tailored for printing on performance apparel, boats, and various other accessories.

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